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Adventure in India

I love adventure and in the recent past, young generation from Colleges and Corporate have preferred Adventure holidays over normal relaxing or sightseeing kind of trips. Keeping in such interest we have made arrangements for such activities which are very interesting and of short duration so that people could manage planning a holiday. People in India are more occupied in their professional front which takes most of the time in their lives. They have no other choice keeping in view the scarcity of job and professional education being expensive or scarce. The middle class and specially the lower middle class can thrive only if they have jobs. Women like being financially independent and they also venture out to work.

I therefore feel it is our duty as a Travel Operator to provide opportunity to such segment of society to relax, and keep themselves fit as well. We have curated a special adventure trek of 2 Nights / 3 days in Northern Himachal Pradesh State in Mcleodganj wherein we hav…

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